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Holter Monitor

Hire our holter monitor to check the cardiac health of your dog.

  • 300 New Zealand dollars

Service Description

Our holter monitor rental service gives you easy access to a holter monitor for a faction of the price charged by specialist vets. Our rental service includes: - The rental of the holter monitor unit including all the consumables required. - The rental of one of our dog vest which are designed to help the holter monitor stay on and be less noticeable for your dog. - Fitting and attaching the holter to your dog by our team. - Use of the holter monitor for 24 hours to record your dogs heart. - Help with removing the holter monitor. - Sending the recording to specialist technicians in the USA to produce a report which can be read by a vet. - Getting the report analysed by a US based vet cardiologist. While we get our holter monitor rental service up and running it is only available in Auckland and you will have to travel to us in Riverhead in order to fit and remove the holter for you. For the best results we recommend shaving your dog for the contact pads. Not shaving may mean that some of the contact pads fall off. While this is ok it reduces recording time. We can shave the patches on your dog. To fit the holter monitor your dog will need to be comfortable with standing on a table with strange people in their space as we shave and fit the monitor. If your dog is not ok with this then please let us know. Wearing the vest can be weird for your dog. if they are not used to wearing costumes or other shirts then we suggest that you practice this before you holter monitor them. You want your dog to be as active as possible while the holter is running so all different kinds of heart stresses can be recorded.

Cancellation Policy

Rescheduling is possible by emailing us at however there are no refunds if you cannot make your slot and do not let us know. In the event that Covid stops the event going ahead we will try and reschedule or we may have to cancel and refunds may be given.

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