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Considering Adopting?

Adopting a dog is a important decision and we make sure that you and the dog are best suited for each other before any adoption.

Things to consider before adopting

  • How much time can you give the dog?

  • What type of exercise can you give the dog?

  • Where will the dog sleep?

All of our adoptions start as trails to make sure that everything is ok before adoptions are finalised.

The Adoption Process

1 Apply

Everyone interested must complete a application form here


Our team will review your application. it may take some time to get back to you as we are a small team of volunteers.

3 Shortlist

Our team will then either shortlist your application or let you know why you haven't been shortlisted. Every dog is different so the reasons may change but it is always in the best interest of the dog

4 House Check

Next we organise a time for us to come and have a look around your property and chat about your application.

Meet and Greet

We will then organise a meet and greet where you will get to meet the dog and chat with our team about what they require. If you have another dog then we will do a separate meet and great where the dogs meet.

Final Decision and Trial

We then make the final decision about your application and if it is successful then we will schedule a two week trail period to make sure everything is working well before the adoption is finally confirmed.

Want to see who is looking for a forever home ?

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