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Do you need help?

We run small classes specifically for dogs that have reactivity issues.

We focus on obedience and engagement which helps dogs focus on owners and not everything else!

We work with each dog and family individually to make sure individual needs are met.

It's not a one way street, everyone gets homework!

Classes run for 1 hour on a Sunday morning.

To join the waiting list for the next class

Training Philosophy

Our team, having been in rescue for many years now and seeing first hand many issues people are faced with have spent a lot of time developing skills to help people keep their dogs..

Our aim as a charity is to educate people and give people the skills they need as a dog owner to improve their relationship with their dogs and improve unwanted behaviour.

We have a very broad range of tools and training methods that we work with and believe that when it comes to dog training it is not a one size fits all regime. We also believe that everyone who cares about the wellbeing of dogs should be working together to get the best outcome for the dog infront of them and as such we have a bunch of trainers who we work with that we will refer on should our skill set not be right for a particular dog!

If you have any questions regarding our training methods or would like to discuss further please feel free to drop us a message through the contact us page!

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